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Design Files for RetroPie Case (for Raspberry Pi 1 B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 B)

The download below contains the .SVG design for a Raspberry Pi 1 model B+ acrylic case.

Download for RPi 1 model B+

Here are some pictures of the case:

The next download contains the .SVG design for a Raspberry Pi 2 model B acrylic case.

Download for RPi 2 model B


Thanks to smartroad, you can also find design files for 3D printable cases at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1077472.

Thanks to NickRBrewer, individual 3D-printable parts for a whole RetroPie arcade cabinet can be found at Thingiverse, e.g., at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1016176.

  • Jason Chapman

    where can we get one pre-made?

    • Michael Hofmann

      I am looking at “http://www.customlasercutting.com/”. Did you end up making one?

  • Michael Hofmann

    This design should work for the rpi2, correct?

    • Unfortunately, no. It only works for version 1 of the Raspberry Pi model B(+). I have not created a case for the RPi 2 myself so far.

  • and what about Raspberry Pi Zero? 😉

  • Nathan L

    This is awesome. I just wanted to say thanks for your work on this. I’m in the process of getting materials together to cut a few cases out at work. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

    • Nathan L

      Well today I finally cut my cases. They came out awesome! Thanks again for the design! I modified it slightly to eliminate the game ports, as I am using USB controllers, I replaced them with Vents.

      • Looks great! Would you share your design file(s)?

      • Nathan L

        Happily! Ive just cut the modified panels back into a single layout (I had 3 of them on my layout because I cut 3 at once). Once I get the files hosted somewhere, I’ll post a link.

      • Nathan L

        Here it is! Feel free to redistribute. It’s 99% your work anyway. 😉

      • Thanks! I will add it to the downloads section.

      • May I use a section of that photo for a tweet about your design file? Alternative, I would be glad if you would send me another photo of your assembled case. I really like your enhancements.

      • Nathan L

        Sure, if you don’t mind, please credit @gangrif and @sunkthought for the alterations. They weren’t extensive, but did take us some time. We had to fiddle with line weights to get them right for the epilogue laser cutter.

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