ZXSpectrum (lr-fuse) changing key binds – stumped!

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    Great software and great forum btw, have really enjoyed messing with my Raspberry pi2 since getting in a month ago. Almost every step of setting up my retropie install has gone okay thanks to searching forum posts on here, but this has me at a loss.

    I’m using a RPi2, RetroPie 3.0 (latest release), a ps3 controller over bluetooth and lr-fuse.

    I want to be able to assign a joypad button to a spectrum key, for example pressing L2 to correspond to pressing ‘Caps Shift’ on the emulated spectrum.

    In retroarch the ‘Input User 1 Binds’ menu lists some keys and joystick buttons on the left and their corresponding joypad buttons on the right. I can change the joypad button, but not the key it corresponds to. There are entries for ‘Enter’ and ‘Space’ but no other keys. Are these baked in at compilation or is there a way of users to add other keys to the list?

    Thanks loads in advance.



    May well be hard coded – the core is new and still a work in progress – https://github.com/libretro/fuse-libretro (You can report issues / request features on the libretro github page)



    Thanks for the reply, I suppose retroarch isn’t really focussed on machines with keyboards. It is a shame that the other spectrum emulators available have their own issues too ><. I’ll ask at Github!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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