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    I’m pretty new to Retropie and its various MAME editions like mame4all, lr-fba-next, advmame, etc. and its tools for ROM management like clrmamepro.

    I’ve got some roms in the 0.164 format, which is – as far as I understood – far newer than anything that is available in the above mentioned emulators. So I googled a little bit how to use clrmamepro and also read the “Managing ROMs” section in this blog here.

    For example:
    Load DAT file for advmame12 into clrmamepro. Set ROM path to the folder I store the advmame12 roms (empty at first). Choose “Rebuild”, set “original rom path” to my folder where the 0.164 ROMs are. Start rebuild. The advmame folder will then contain a lot of rebuild ZIP files, where e.g. the file names were changed etc.

    However, this ROMs still dont work in advmame12 and I get errors like “Missing ROM xzy”.. Why is this happening? I thought that was exactly what clrmamepro should fix? ALso tried the DAT file for lr-fba-next, rebuild, but also in lr-fba-next it didn’t work. After selecting the game I was just returned to the Emulation Station frontend without any error shown.

    Which MAME emulator can I use to run ROMs with CHD files? For example I’d love to play “GTI Club” but none of the emulators I tried so far worked…




    I did! Most of the ROMS are “Untested” and even some that are listed as “Don’t work”, work for me.

    Am I using clrmamepro the right way (as described above)? Am I misinterpreting it’s usage? If a game is listed as “working in advmame1.2 or fba” it should work at latest after “rebuilding” using clrmamepro – right?



    If you have a 100% verified group of romsets for a given mame version, the vast majority will work without issue. However, there are still some minor quirks with some games, hence the compatibility list here:

    Do note that rebuilding an older set from, say, 0.164 is unlikely to reproduce the old set 100% for various reasons (e.g. the newer set may have removed roms that are now deemed inaccurate), so you may want to google rollback roms to understand how to get fillers.

    RetroPie help guides --> https://goo.gl/Yfy8kj
    Please read this before asking for help --> http://goo.gl/eLErnl



    your process seems right to me! clrmamempro should only output complete .zip files in the output folder, but there’s a simple(ish) way to double check have the correct files:

    – open a rom .zip that doesn’t work (gives you the ‘missing …’ messages)
    – open the dat file you are using (ie https://raw.githubusercontent.com/HerbFargus/retropie-dat/master/advmame1.2/advmame12-106.dat )

    find the game, and check to see if you have every <rom = … > file in your zip:

    	<game name="puckmana" sourcefile="pacman.c" cloneof="puckman" romof="puckman">
    		<description>PuckMan (Japan set 2)</description>
    		<rom name="pacman.6e" size="4096" crc="c1e6ab10" sha1="e87e059c5be45753f7e9f33dff851f16d6751181" region="cpu1" offset="0"/>
    		<rom name="pacman.6f" size="4096" crc="1a6fb2d4" sha1="674d3a7f00d8be5e38b1fdc208ebef5a92d38329" region="cpu1" offset="1000"/>
    		<rom name="pacman.6h" size="4096" crc="bcdd1beb" sha1="8e47e8c2c4d6117d174cdac150392042d3e0a881" region="cpu1" offset="2000"/>
    		<rom name="prg7" size="2048" crc="b6289b26" sha1="d249fa9cdde774d5fee7258147cd25fa3f4dc2b3" region="cpu1" offset="3000"/>
    		<rom name="prg8" size="2048" crc="17a88c13" sha1="eb462de79f49b7aa8adb0cc6d31535b10550c0ce" region="cpu1" offset="3800"/>
    		<rom name="chg1" size="2048" crc="2066a0b7" sha1="6d4ccc27d6be185589e08aa9f18702b679e49a4a" region="gfx1" dispose="yes" offset="0"/>
    		<rom name="chg2" size="2048" crc="3591b89d" sha1="79bb456be6c39c1ccd7d077fbe181523131fb300" region="gfx1" dispose="yes" offset="800"/>
    		<rom name="pacman.5f" merge="pacman.5f" size="4096" crc="958fedf9" sha1="4a937ac02216ea8c96477d4a15522070507fb599" region="gfx1" dispose="yes" offset="1000"/>
    		<rom name="82s123.7f" merge="82s123.7f" size="32" crc="2fc650bd" sha1="8d0268dee78e47c712202b0ec4f1f51109b1f2a5" region="proms" offset="0"/>
    		<rom name="82s126.4a" merge="82s126.4a" size="256" crc="3eb3a8e4" sha1="19097b5f60d1030f8b82d9f1d3a241f93e5c75d6" region="proms" offset="20"/>
    		<rom name="82s126.1m" merge="82s126.1m" size="256" crc="a9cc86bf" sha1="bbcec0570aeceb582ff8238a4bc8546a23430081" region="sound1" offset="0"/>
    		<rom name="82s126.3m" merge="82s126.3m" size="256" crc="77245b66" sha1="0c4d0bee858b97632411c440bea6948a74759746" region="sound1" offset="100"/>
    ....	</game>

    so for ‘puckman’ i would expect the puckman.zip to have 12 files in it.

    personally, i don’t use advancedmame – it supports a lot, but the performance is relatively bad, no? i suggest you should switch to lr-mame2003, before you spend loads of effort getting this working!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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