Xin Mo 2 Player Controller Problems

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    Hi all,

    First time posting but have been lurking for a while as I attempted to troubleshoot my way through some of the beginner problems.

    Currently I have my RPi working with Raspbian and the whole Retropie installation (I went the long route and compiled everything to make sure I had the latest emulator versions). I also built a 2 player joystick control board with 6 buttons per player, 1 and 2 player start buttons and 1 select button for each player. With that said…

    I have run retroarch-joyconfig, noted all outputs, added them to retroarch.cfg (removing the # as I did), I have also deleted ES_input.cfg to make a new EmulationStation cfg file.

    Having done all of that, I am able to navigate the emulator menus. The menus do freeze up from time to time leaving me with no control via the joystick control board or my keyboard (not even esc works). When it doesn’t freeze, I am able to start a game with the control board but then the joystick does not do anything once in game. Sometimes buttons work. If I hit F1 and open the input menu, I see the THT Joystick Controller (the Xin Mo) there but it’s not fully functional.

    I have done many searches on this forum and on Google in general. I haven’t found specific information for Xin Mo problems other than the Up and Left signals not working initially, which I have already patched the kernel and fixed that problem. Any ideas or suggestions? Am I missing a configuration step?

    Ultimately I just want my 2 player controller to work with NES, SNES, TurboGrafx, MAME and ScummVM.

    While I’m at it, Duke Nukem works but is a little buggy when loading. The screen flashes on the loading screens and menus. Doom does not work at all. It begins to load and then returns to EmulationStation.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.



    Did I just ask a series of stupid questions or does no one have a clue?




    to test your game pad / joystick, you could also use the command line tool jstest. With that you could make sure that your game pad is fully recognized by the operating system in the first place!

    When you are done with that and you can be sure that the OS is recognizing the pads reliably, you can also be sure that it is “only” a matter of how to configure RetroArch and the other emulators (and also Emulation Station via es_input.cfg).

    I can also confirm that Duke is flickering at the beginning, but this does not continue within the game. In order to play Doom, you need to add your Doom .WAD files. The one that is initially provided is needed by the emulator, but it is not an actual game.

    Hope that his gives you some ideas!?



    I had the same problem. Here I explain the solution that worked for me:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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