XBOX360 wireless controller works in emulationstation but not in retroarch etc

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    I’m new in the forum and hope to find some help regarding my controller issue.

    I’ve just installed RetroPie on my OSMC RaspPi2 following this tutorial:

    Went quite well and I can now launch emulationstation from kodi and getting warped back when emulationstation quits like a charm.

    I can even use my controllers in emu-station and I can configure them in the “RetroPi” menu where it saves the configuration I enter.

    However, once I launch a game I am getting no reaction whatsoever to the controller – it is as if it didn’t exist.

    Any Ideas how the controller work like charm in emustation and config and not at all in retroarch? And rather – what can I do to fix it?

    Thanks in advance!



    If you are using retropie 3.0 in the retropie menu there is an option to configure retroarch controls. Run it through that and see if it changes anything. If you already did that you can try configuring it manually using the steps in the link below:



    How did it go?

    I have an xbox360 wireless controller with the Windows USB WiFi lead, so I can use this in Retropie or is it better to use one with the USB lead attached?



    i almost made it, but i cant configure the analog sticks..why ?

    i got a xbox360 wireless controller with reciever

    i blacklisted xpad driver und installed the latest xboxdrv

    then i choosed the 3. point, the ini script, but the controller wont work in retroarch….so i started the retropie setup over ssh and make the controller setup there…. most buttons are working, but it didnt register the analog sticks..(timed out while register)

    anyone knows why ? is there a bug in the beta or the latest xboxdrv

    i also got a wireless china reciever and use retropie 3.0 beta @ rpi 1



    I thought there was a glitch with it as well because my SD card kept corrupting after installing xboxdrv on the next reboot. Turns out my rpi2 didnt like the PNY sd card I was using. Switched it out for a MicroCenter branded one and it works like a charm.

    Short instructions on how I got it to work. Just finished testing Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario 3.

    Install RetroPieImage and boot.
    exit emulation station
    Expand Rootsystem

    exit emulation station
    blacklist xpad
    install xbox drv
    setup 3-Ini (

    exit emulation station
    cd RetroPie-Setup
    Option 3 Setup
    Option 317 Configure Retroarch Controller
    Follow on screen prompts to setup controller

    Reboot and enjoy



    The issue for me is that I am using the controller for kodi as well, so I have it set up to work as a (“fake”) keyboard according to this tutorial:


    /usr/bin/xboxdrv --config /home/osmc/xbmc.ini --silent --autofire RT=25 --autofire LT=25 --autofire du=200 --autofire dd=200 --autofire dl=500 --autofire dr=500 &

    The xbmc.ini maps the keys to represent button strokes, e.g.

    # Face buttons
    X = KEY_X
    Y = KEY_ESC

    Now when I launch emulationstation (and connected emulators) I want to avoid relaunching xboxdrv as I’d need to do this every time I jump between kodi and emulationstation (which I tried but proved quite shaky as my launch scripts aren’t really behaving).

    Any ideas?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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