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    Whenever I use my controller to navigate ES, retroarch menu, or play games, the controller’s input is also being accepted by the terminal in the background.

    For example, if I happen to press “up” on the D-pad and then “A”, the terminal will recognize that as pressing “up” arrow and “enter” on the keyboard, effectively bringing up the last entered command and executing it.

    As you can imagine, if my last command in bash was a reboot command, this can be quite problematic.

    Anyone know of a way to stop this?

    Here is what commands I am using for xboxdrv upon launching ES/RP:

    xboxdrv –detach-kernel-driver –wid 0 –led 3 –trigger-as-button –ui-buttonmap RB=exec:/home/pi/ –ui-buttonmap LB=exec:/home/pi/ –ui-buttonmap GUIDE=exec:/home/pi/ –quiet –silent & sleep 1

    RPi2 Model B
    Latest Raspbian Wheezy release prior to Jessie
    Latest RetroPiesetup script was used, manually compiled desired emulators, ES is standalone on top of Wheezy

    Edit: Found out the keyboard does it too, and only when launching Emulationstation with a script and not by directly calling it in terminal. I reverted back to comment ting on github about it since it is in fact a bug on RetroPie’s end, and not xboxdrv

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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