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    Having a button-mapping issue that others have mentioned in other threads, but the problems are mentioned amidst a lot of other clutter and semi-related issues.

    Running v2.3
    Controller: Microsoft Corp. Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows (generic) + Wireless 360 Controller

    Issue: Once button mapping config is completed from CLI, inside of NES or SNES emulators the button mappings appear to be all wrong… left and right bumper register as select/start, and up/down on D-pad register as A/B.

    Notes: I can get through the button mappings and all buttons are recognized. Changing mapping from the emulationstation interface seems to have no effect (which isn’t a surprise since you can see the emulators load the user-space config when launched).

    Any articles detailing the use of a 360 controller with different games? I’ve searched quite a bit but can’t spot one that works quite right…

    I initially followed the instructions here:
    …and modified my process based on various forum posts here (too many to find all the threads now) to make it through the setup.

    I’ll happily provide my config files if anyone feels they’re the cause of the issue.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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