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    I recently purchased a 2 player X-arcade stick (the one without the trackball).

    The x-arcade stick is the older model that has a PS2 connection rather than USB.

    My goal is to mount a RPi inside the x-arcade stick.

    My question is should I use a PS2->USB adapter and also mount that inside the x-arcade or should I buy a control block adapter and use that instead of using PS2 at all?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.



    I would guess you would be better off upgrading the xarcade with the newer usb control board. It’s available on their website.



    ps2 to usb adapter should work though.



    yes it works…. i use it..



    I would love to have some more information on this. I am a novice relative to retropie, the pi and Linux in general, so I am grateful for your patience and grace.

    I have the same, PS2, nontrackball X-Arcade box and the OP.

    I’m concerned that the wiring may NOT allow proper configuration. I’m attaching a picture showing a PS2 keyboard plugged into the X-Arcade, the X-Arcade plugged into an X-Arcade Adapter via serial cable, and the X-Arcade Adapter plugged into the pi via USB.

    I’ve tried to configure from the main emulation station window with:

    – X-Arcade only
    – X-Arcade plugged in via USB and another keyboard plugged in via USB
    – The configuration shown (X-Arcade plugged in via usb and a PS2 keyboard plugged in to the X-Arcade)

    In each case, the Emulation Station recognizes “Keyboard” but does NOT “see” simple things like pushing either joystick UP.

    Before I spend more time on configuration, is there anyone who can either validate or refute the possibility of this scenario?

    I’m not opposed to buying the $35 USB controller, but would like to hack together the available bits if possible.

    Many thanks to all of you for so generously sharing your experience and knowledge.




    Sorry for duplicate post. Newly using Windows 10 and Edge browser and received multiple error messages.




    Im not sure if any of this will help you, but I wanted to post some of my config edits that I did to get my x-arcade working with retropie. Keep in mind that I have the newer board in mine with a usb output (instead of the ps2). I went into /opt/retropie/config/all/retroarch.cfg and edited the part about keyboard inputs to this:

    input_player1_a = z
    input_player1_b = shift
    input_player1_y = ctrl
    input_player1_x = alt
    input_player1_start = num5
    input_player1_select = c
    input_player1_l = space
    input_player1_r = x
    input_player1_left = left
    input_player1_right = right
    input_player1_up = up
    input_player1_down = down

    and also the next part for player 2 inputs:

    input_player2_a = e
    input_player2_b = w
    input_player2_y = a
    input_player2_x = s
    input_player2_start = num6
    input_player2_select = rightbracket
    input_player2_l = q
    input_player2_r = leftbracket
    input_player2_left = d
    input_player2_right = g
    input_player2_up = r
    input_player2_down = f

    Maybe this will help, not sure.



    Thank you – sincerely and warmly – for your generous attempts to assist. I will give it another go thanks to your guidance.

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