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    First, thanks for retropie, it’s friggin’ fantastic!

    I’ve got retropie up and running with the majority of the emulators working. I’ve got a ton of N64 roms loaded onto my SD card, but have noticed that only a handful really work. That’s to be expected I suppose, since N64 emulation is really pushing the envelope of what the PI can do. So I’m curious if anyone has a list of N64 roms that work pretty well on the PI.

    So far, I’ve only really found 2:
    Mario Cart 64
    Super Mario 64

    What other N64 roms have you found that work well?
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    Which version of the pi are you using? I’d be more curious to know a list of roms that work on the RPi 2 and not the 1. There is already a list (somewhere) of N64 roms and how well they work on Mugen (cannot recall offhand whether it is Pi specific although I think it might be).

    I haven’t had chance to properly check but Diddy Kong Racing on the pi 2 at least boots up to the character screen. I didn’t go further than that as I didn’t have time.


    Found it; following are for pi 1.





    I’m using the B+ so those lists are a great start. Thanks!
    ^^ my other hobby

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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