Wireless Xbox Adapter Unable to pair player 3, 4

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    I am using an Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter and I think I finally got RetroArch config setup. I can map controls for player 1 and 2 but I cant get 3 or 4 to pair with the adapter. The center Xbox lights spin to search, I click pair button on both adapter and controller, it appears to find it but then lights go all blank.

    One thing I thought was weird is EmulationStation says I have 6 Gamepads connected. Not sure how that happened or what it is detecting but I did have trouble early on setting up the controllers and so I may have screwed something up.

    Reading Xbox support it says one of the reasons controllers wouldn’t pair is “The USB hub is overloaded.” Guessing since EmulationStation thinks I have 6 gamepads that might be the case. Any ideas how I can reset, or delete these other gamepads? I am considering blowing everything away and starting fresh but if I don’t have to that would be great.

    I appreciate any help I can get on this.



    I’d start with a fresh 3.0 beta install. Also are you using the official microsoft receiver or a generic one?

    I’m running 3.0 beta 2 and am pairing 4 xbox controllers just fine. Using official microsoft receiver. Noteworthy, mine says 4 like it should even if I’m not using 4 at the time, so something is funny since yours thinks it has 6.

    One more thing to check is your power supply as the wireless receiver pulls power from USB, so make sure it’s getting enough power.



    Hello. Sorry for hijacking the thread a bit but I’ve been trying to make 2 controllers work for the past 3 hours without success.. How did you guys do it?

    I’ve followed all the ways on this site https://github.com/retropie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/Setting-up-the-XBox360-controller but nothing works. I can get one controller working that’s it. As soon as I try to configure inputs via sudo ./retropie_setup.sh it only allowes me to do it through one controller. the other one gets ignored.

    Mind you they both work for getting around in emulationstation and also they are both actice via jtest in /dev/inputs

    Any ideas? THanks



    I actually figured mine out. I can provide details later on in the week. Sorry I am out town on business atm and don’t have my computer to provide the details.



    Really looking ofrward to hearing mor eon this topic.. Driving me crazy here..



    You need to use a powered usb hub with the wireless receiver. Its drawing more power then the Pi provides via USB



    I didn’t need a powered usb for my wireless adapter. But I am running pi 2, not sure what your setup is.

    I used option 3 from here https://github.com/retropie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/Setting-up-the-XBox360-controller

    Then I had to make edits to the rc.local file in order to pair player 3 and 4. Like I said I can go into more detail later in the week



    Heya. I used that page myself. Tried all options. I get one running and my second one gets detected. It works fine with jstest.

    I even get to setup the keys with ./retroarch-joyconfig -o /opt/retropie/configs/all/p2.cfg -p 2 -j 1 and then add those settings in to retroarch.cfg

    but then nothing works. Actually the only time I get one remote to work is when I do the configuration via sudo ./retropie_setup.sh

    after configuring one input there one of the controllers get playable but not the other. And it’s only always one controller that gets detexted and that can get setup at all. and there is no option to choose inbetween the controllers. Very strange… as I said I look forward for you to shed some light on this. highly appreciated.

    I’m also running Raspberry pi 2. Having no issues with lack of power..




    What emulator are you running? Retro arch controls are used for most emulators NES, snes, etc but not mame. If your using mame then you have to set those up differently not through retro arch. Let me know if that’s what your doing or not.




    using nes snes and mupen..

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