which video output is active?

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    where can I find an information about which video output is active – HDMI or composite ?

    The megadrive roms work with “DGEN” correctly over HDMI (means at full speed).

    My problem is that I want to play the roms with both video outputs.

    When I use the “Genesis-Plus-GX” Emulator it works on both video outputs but over HDMI it works only in slow-motion and the sound is terrible:-(

    Now my idea is to differ the video modes in the es_systems.cfg for the megadrive emulator:

    if <HDMI-output>

    {  do COMMAND = DGEN … }

    if <composite-output>

    { do COMMAND = Genesis-Plus-GX …}

    Where can I find the state which video output is active?






    I would also be interested in this approach.


    Rowan de Graaf

    use the xrandr command in linux, this is the way of getting there.
    xrandr is the tool that tells you at what connection andm ode your screen is running in all distro’s ive used. havent tried it at the Pi since its currently embedded in my casing.

    Try typing xrandr and see if its a valid command.
    then write a bash which evals xrandr outputs to true or false statements, and edit your retroarch.cfg to it with the update > retroarch.cfg command.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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