Where is development headed right now?

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    This is a question for the developers/contributors to the project:
    What are you looking to change/improve/add? Where is development headed?



    From my chats with HerbFargus (one of the big contributors) this is what’s going on.

    Retropie on Raspbian Jessie (no noticeable changes, but future-proofs the project)
    Making only a core set of emulators installed by default on the image (SNES, Genesis, N64, PSX, etc. Rest still installable via the retropie setup script)
    Keeping emulators in the project up to date as they become available
    Adding more linux based or open source games to the ports section (please bring them to the forums attention if you know of some good ones!)

    That’s all I can remember off the top of my head.



    I would really like to see emulation of Acorn computers BBC/Electron and especially Acorn Archimedes.
    There are several Linux emulators (Beebem, B-em, Arculator) but do not know, which one is most suitable for Raspbian and RPI?



    Thank you very much ronoh55!
    Those appear to be very reasonable objectives for the time being. I look forward to the next point-update.



    Retrofan. If you search “BBC” on the forums here you will see that the BBC Micro has been looked at but seems to have some fatal flaws that keep it from being put in the retropie setup script. There are also some links in the various posts of how to install it manually if you wish to take your chances.

    proxycell No problem with the update! Hopefully Buzz or HerbFargus can chime in and fill us in on stuff I might have missed or not heard of yet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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