What is the proper way to config controls for the emulators?

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    Hey Guys,

    I’ve been in the emulation scene for a really long time and I am one of the developers for the highest Windows based Emulator Front Ends, HyperSpin. So I know my way around emulation, roms, etc.

    However, I got my first Pi and looking to do dedicated emulation consoles. My first mod is going to be an NES Pi. I’m really new to RPi and Linux in general and have been reading around trying to figure this all out. Unfortunately, I really haven’t found the definitive way to configure the controls for once you have launched a game/emulator.

    What is the best way to configure controls for the emus? I think I found the cfg files, but how do you see what button numbers are assigned to what buttons on the control?



    If you are using a GPIO adapter you should just be able to run jstest /dev/input/* (* is your joypad input. Usually js0 or js1.)

    If its a USB controller I believe you can run ./retroarch-joyconfig and the numbers corresponding to each button should show up when you press them during the instructions.

    Hope this helps.



    Thank you, I had to run setup and install retroarch so I had the tools folder. Once I got that I was finally able to figure out control mapping. Working well. Now time to figure out how to setup themes.



    Try this link to the emulationstation wiki page at github

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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