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    Alight, so it’s probably a noob question (definitely a noob question), but what exactly is SCRAPING and its purpose? Thanks!



    Scraping is pulling metadata from a database of sorts for your games- so they can pull boxart, descriptions, publishers, dates etc. Its mostly just an aesthetic thing to make your files and games look neat and organised. There are two main scrapers that are used- the built in es-scraper which is part of emulationstation:

    And sselphs command line scraper which many prefer as it is much faster than the built in emulation station scraper.:

    But its really up to you. Some people just do without. In order to scrape games you need an active internet connection as the data comes from thegamesdb.net.



    Thanks! I appreciate your fast response and that definitely answers my question.

    One more question: I notice that, after importing my games into the folders, I’m now seeing duplicates of each game. Now, when I transferred them into each of their respective emulator folders, I just transferred the games in their .zip form. Is the duplicate because it’s now showing the unzipped executable file + the original zip file?? If so, do I first need to unzip them all on my PC and then transferred the unzipped files? Thanks!



    I always unzip my files on my computer (as some emulators dont like zipped files) and transfer the unzipped contents over (.smc, .gg, etc.) The only ROMs I don’t unzip are arcade based ROMs like mame, FBA, and neogeo. See each emulator page for which file types are accepted for each emulator:


    Likelihood is you have both the zipped files and contents of the zipped files in the ROMs folder so you see both in emulationstation. You really only need the contents. Once you save games it will create a .SRm save state file or something like that but the save state files won’t show up in emulationstation



    A couple things can be going on:
    If you are using .zip files the contents are extracted when you start a game and deleted when you stop(i think). If you cut power to pi that could cause there to be a rom.zip and a rom.bin.
    ES removes anything in parens from the names when displayed so ‘rom (US).bin’ and ‘rom (EU).bin’ could show up as ‘rom’

    Auto-scraper: https://github.com/sselph/scraper

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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