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    hi there,

    I am fairly new at the retropie. I am using retropie 2.6. I really need help in setting up my ps4 controller with the pi. For now i just have my keyboard hooked up to the pi.




    hello folks,
    how can I make an adaptor for use Commodore64/Atari2600 joystick?



    If this thing goes through, You can use REAL controllers, not aftermarkets. I have his older single player version, and it is simply amazing!! Works great on the Pi, as it requires NO DRIVERS!!!!!! Also…. NO LAG!!!



    If this thing goes through, You can use REAL controllers, not aftermarkets. I have his older single player version, and it is simply amazing!! Works great on the Pi, as it requires NO DRIVERS!!!!!! Also…. NO LAG!!!


    That would be nice if that hub was wireless and had a rechargeable battery



    I use the Logitech Gamepad F310 USB.

    Works well for everything. I did have a strange problem with it in Final Burn Alpha. For some reason even tho I was using the Libretro-fba the controller config I set up would not work in the games. Only my exit emulation buttons did. After a few hours trying to figure it out I decided to just redo the retroarch controller config utility and it worked perfect after that. Dunno if that’s a bug or not.



    I’m using the “Speedlink Torid” Gamepad.
    It’s working without thenNeed of any drivers. The only point I’m trying to figure out is how to set up the playernumber-leds to Show the correspondig Player like I asked in this post:

    Speedlink Torid "Playernumber-LED"

    But cacophony555’s post

    Just bought a Logitech F310 which works great with the Raspberry Pi. No need to install any driver software either.
    surprisingly I needed to set the switch to “XInput” mode for it to work. DirectInput did not work for me.

    made me think about Setting it to x-Input mode. maybe it’s using the xboxdrv when in x-Input mode? so i could try to Switch the leds.
    I’m going to give you an update about this later.



    Has anyone had any experience using the CombatKing 2 player controller with rp that you can find on fleabay?




    I’m using a wired PS4 controller without any problem but I’m trying to use it wirelessly.



    hello folks,
    how can I make an adaptor for use Commodore64/Atari2600 joystick?

    That would be fairly simple to make and interface to the ControlBlock. You’d just need a DB9 male connector, wires, and any of the diagrams on the internet.



    What is the cheapest way to go with wireless controllers? i am looking for ps3/xbox layout style ones



    2x NES30 controller by 8Bitdo – Config File Attached

    What works perfectly fine:
    – SNES
    – NES
    – UAE4ALL2 (p1 only due to bug in UAE4ALL2)

    What doesnt work:
    – vice (controller only works in vice menu. buttons are messed up)
    – mupen64plus (haven’t found a way to configure the controls)

    If you detect the controllers as keyboards you can use vice via assigned keyboard letters but that causes issues with other emulators.



    I’m using Logitech Dual Action, a rather old controller now I think.
    But it works like a charm. 🙂



    I’m using an X-Arcade Tankstick and the RetroPie Xarcade2jstick service. Works great for most thing I’ve tried. Sadly mouse/trackball support seems not be present in MAME4ALL, but it works great in AdvancedMAME, so I use that for all the classic Trak-Ball games (Missile Command, Centipede, Millipede …).




    In order to make it more fun, I bought here and there several types of controllers depending on the system I want to play with.

    – 2 wired BigBen controllers PS3-like


    – 2 wired controllers SNES-like


    – 2 wired controllers NES-like


    – 2 wired controllers N64-like


    – A USB keyboard

    For SNES, I’ve also this one:

    It’s suite close from the original hardware un terms of feeling.



    Hi everyone!

    I currently use ‘Retrolink USB SNES Classic Controller’ – it works fine without any extra configuration required. I recommend it to everyone who looks for a decent quality controller for a low price.

    Edit: works with RP 2.6, not with 3.0beta2 https://github.com/retropie/RetroPie-Setup/issues/795




    I understand that mupen has it’s own configuration file for controllers, which is why my SNES-type don’t work with it.

    Do you have a working configuration file for the N64 controllers you can share?

    Edit: I just did a binaries update for 3.0B2 – and now mupen “sees” my Retrolink clone N64 controller, and I actually got Mario Kart to run nicely, but in the bottom 1/4 of the screen. Still, it is a start, and the graphics were perfect using the rice. Just need to tweak the video settings, apparently.



    I have the cheap usb snes and nes controlles. Fixed the dpad problem from the Snes controllers by putting hot glue inside. The circuit board had only one screw. Bought two 2,4G playstation clone controllers from ebay but I don’t know how to get them to work. Any ideas? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-x-2-4G-USB-Wireless-Dual-Vibration-Gamepad-Controller-Joystick-For-PC-Laptop-/310811174850?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item485dca27c2



    Hey, I’m thinking about getting a 2.4Ghz wireless usb gamepad, will they all work the same?
    I’m looking at this one
    any one else have this model?




    Hi Gaucho,

    I configure my controllers by registering them as a retroarch one.

    But I have not tried yet with N64 ones and don’t know the RetroArch mapping between N64 specific buttons and RetroArch controller ones (e.g. which key to press when I’m requested to press R2, …).

    For the image, it has probably to do with the resolution that does not match with your monitor one.




    Hi guys, will I be able to run 4 xbox 360 wireless controllers with one PC adapter
    -> N64 obviously :D?



    Hi guys, will I be able to run 4 xbox 360 wireless controllers with one PC adapter
    -> N64 obviously :D?

    I have played Mario Kart with (3) Logitech 310s, and then with (2) xbox wireless controllers using a MS USB plugged directly into the pi (no powered hub). Both worked fine, so I wouldn’t know why not. I only have 2 wireless xbox controllers, so I can’t check that.



    Does anyone use any of these USB N64 controllers available from funstock: http://www.funstock.co.uk/retro/pc-mac-usb-controllers
    successfully with Retropie N64 emulators?
    I wasn’t expecting such a choice!



    Just got these in the post today :)



    I am using Xbox360 pads for playing N64 and PSX games and a keyboard for Kodi (which is very annoying). For everything else, I am using the not-so-much insider’s tipp, the iBuffalo SNES style classic gamepads. They are really awesome!



    i use thi joystick




    USB xbox 360 stick for arcade games
    USB PC-Engine controller for pce/nes games (soldered a usb chip inside)
    Soldered sfc controller ports to gpio so I can use original snes/sfc controllers
    For kodi I use the yatse remote control app for android



    XBOX 360 Wireless controller for Windows.




    I am new to this and am vision impaired. I bought a unit from ebay with 2 wireless ps3 style controllers. Most things work ok I would like to get my rettrolink N64 wired controller going for N64 games can anyone assist?
    This is what I have however bought a long time ago on ebay and was using with no issues on the pc


    Computer Ninja

    Up until recently, I was able to use a Logitech Rumblepad to play games but I just pulled out my RetroPie a few days ago for some RetroLove and all I could do was move the menu that selects which emulator to run (by going left and right) but nothing else.

    Why would I be running into this issue all of a sudden?

    I did quickly notice that the controller was recognized during POST.



    Thank you all for the tip about the Retrolink brand for (classic) controllers. I think I’m gonna buy one. But I’d like to ask you all something first.

    I have quite a few controllers w/ a D-pad. But they all are 8-way D-pads, even when they have only four buttons! That causes the controller to do unwanted things to Pac-Pan or whatever character I want to move. For instance, when I press ‘left’ on the D-pad and accidentally press that single button a bit too much up then Pac-Man goes up instead to the left! I didn’t have that problem back in the days or w/ a keyboard.

    So I want a controller that has a real FOUR way D-pad. Are the Retrolink (NES) controllers like that? Or are they, in fact, 8-way D-pads “disguised” as 4-way’s?



    I’m using the RetroUSB adapters so I can use my authentic NES and SNES controllers. The NES controllers are my originals from when I was a kid, dating back to the late 80’s, and my SNES controllers are somewhat newly acquired. One was from an SNES I got at a Goodwill when I was working there a few years back and the most recent one was from last month, ordered online.

    They really are fantastic adapters to use with RetroPie if you have the original controllers and not aftermarket USB knock-offs that have a history for breaking quickly or being, um, less than accurate.



    Picked up a pair of these Sabrent Twelve-Button USB 2.0 Gamepad for PC on sale at Fry’s today for 7.99 apiece. After taxes it ended up being cheaper than the 2 pack they had! Seems to set up and function fine in Retropie so far. Only thing was when configuring the 2 analog sticks it would say already taken on the 4 directions. I guess it mirrors the D-Pad then. Just thought I would share this in case anyone is starting a new build like me and can’t wait for getting their controlblock and SNES controller setup.





    Correction, the analog sticks work fine, you just have to hit the mode button so the red light is on and that puts it in digital mode. In analog all 3 do the same thing.

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