Weird controller recognition delay in 3.0 when ROMs start

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    Everything works fine, BUT my controller has a weird delay, that can last anywhere from 10s to 1 min, when I start any ROM. What happens is, that none of the inputs are being recognized, but then suddenly they are, and after that they’ll work perfectly. It’s weird because I’ve never had this problem with earlier versions (1.x, 2.x). I’m not entirely sure, I have to test it more, but it seems, that at least sometimes the controller was recognize after I hit both shoulder buttons at the same time… which I find REALLY odd.

    Anyone else experiencing the same? Any tips how to fix it maybe? Any ideas? It’s just, that I’m planning on moving my RPi + RetroPie setup to our living room for my wife and kid to use too, and something like this is kind of an annoyance for the user experience, especially in case of my kid.

    I use Wii Classic Controller with Mayflash adapter and RetroPie 3.0 (the final release) and RPi 1 B+. And I’ll underline: the controller works like intended, after it has been recognized, but the delay is really annoying as it is totally random length.



    Ok, I can now confirm, that the controller comes active right after I press both of the shoulder buttons down simultaneously. It also seems, that if I have the controller being idle a while, it kind of goes into “sleep” and then I need to activate it again via that 2 button press.

    If someone knows how to disable this behaviour, it would be highly appreciated.



    Having this exact problem. Any rom I load will not recognize my Logitech F310 unless I press L2+R2, which seems to ‘activate’ the controller. Any way to turn this off and have the controller be recognized as soon as the rom loads? Everything works fine through emulationstation/ menus, it’s only when I load a rom that this happens

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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