Weird 360/controller port issue for SNES

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    Hey guys,

    So… after reimaging and setting up again with the newest image.. I dropped a couple roms in the SNES rom folder and booted up. I configure the Xbox360 Wireless Controller (which did not need the driver installed or anything now! Sweet!)

    When I selected a game like Super Punchout… everything is working fine.

    But, when I boot into a game that is 2 player like Mario All Stars and select 1 player the controls do not work. I THINK it is because the Wirless Xbox360 Controller hub supports 4 players and it thinks I am on another controller.

    When I first boot the ROM I get the “Joystick #0-3 enabled. Is there a way to make it ONLY detect/enable one controller port? Or even just two…?

    EDIT: In fact… I selected Super Mario Bros. Selected two players… let the time run out on Mario and then I was able to control Luigi. So, its definately a controller port association thing.



    So… I guess…that no one else has this problem? It keeps selecting itself as “Joystick #1” which is really 2.



    I have the exact same problem and I have no clue how to solve it.. It seems to controllers port that the wireless controller gets directed to changes when one reboots. So if I boot and the controller isnt working I reboot until it does.. Would love the get better details on this.

    I am using 2 controllers so usually one is working.. But the randomness and the uglyness of my solution is making me cry. Can anybody shed some light on this ?



    Its only with Super Mario Allstars. Some further research shows that it is the GAME that is the issue and not the controller. So, unfortunately, you cannot play that game as such.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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