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    I added a video to replace the splashscreen, I made it 1:30 long. it loads and plays, but the emulation station screen still comes on, I can hear the music for my file playing in background. It all is timed right and such. I thought the movie would over write the emulation station screen but it dosent. I understand this is hardcoded, but thought the movie would show over it… did I do something wrong or is this the way it works now for 2.3? did I miss something?

    thanks for responses in advance



    If you are using omxplayer to play the video, you can use the --layer 10000 command option to get the video to play over the top of EmulationStation. Here is my command: omxplayer -o hdmi --layer 10000 /home/pi/splash_screen_video.mp4



    Can someone point me in the direction on how to set this up from scratch?

    I didn’t even know his could be done.




    I appreciate it but like a moron I searched after I posted and got the info I needed…

    I finally put the Arcade 84 video I’ve been hanging on to to use…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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