Very odd bug with RetroPie and Actraiser?

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    So I begin Actraiser, both US or Japan version, and find I’m level 0, no life, no nothing. Can’t start the first level since I’m not a high enough level, level 1.

    Anyone else run into this bug? Could I be missing something obvious?



    what emulator you running it on?



    Default Retropie Emulator



    The problem is that the default might depend on your installation. Did you install RetroPie using the setup script yourself or did you use the SD image? If you did use the SD image have you updated everyting using “binary install” e.g.?



    There are currently over 30 emulators that RetroPie runs. I’m guessing you are using a Super Nintendo emulator of which there are 5. of those 5 there will be varying performance depending on the game/emulator. If you are using a Raspberry Pi 2- the preference would be lr-snes9x-next.

    Then you also have to take into account your rom- it is possible the source you got it from was a bad dump.



    Switched the emulator, seems that the default has some very weird bug. Others work fine, but the default sets you to level 0 at the start, and you can’t ever even start the first stage.

    So odd. thanks for the help all!



    I’m going to echo herbfargus, this sounds like a bad rom to me. You might try playing it on another platform to confirm or getting a different copy.



    ya no, i had this with

    megadrive/genesis = decapattack = dgen, will only run this without bugs, tried countless rom changes, the controls were messed up

    snes = poradious (any) = pocketsnes will run this without bugs, tried countless rom changes, could not get passed the start screen

    so some of these emulators do issue bugs sometimes for certain roms.
    but theres always other emulators to try

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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