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    So I ordered a second Buffalo SNES USB controller to go along with the one that I used to set up my Retropie a few days ago, but Amazon is backed up and it won’t be delivered until after our upcoming game night with friends. I am going to have the Retropie set up as a classic gaming station in one of our rooms, and I’d like to have two controllers ready for use with it.

    I have PS3/PS4 controllers that I could just use wired, but I’m worried about what will happen to my SNES controller’s config if I plug in and configure a PS3 controller. Does Retropie remember configuration based on each controller’s unique ID or something? Basically what I want to happen is I plug in both the SNES controller and PS3 controller (hardwired) and have it apply their button configurations correctly every time.

    Retropie might already handle this on its own (separate configs per controller and randomly assigning player 1 and 2 when they are connected via USB), but I haven’t been able to find clear documentation on this process. Thanks in advance to anyone who can clarify this.



    You can configure as many controllers as you like and it won’t remove any you had done previously. Currently I have three different types configured on my system.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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