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    I’ve just upgraded to 2.4 Beta, and the USB Rom-transfer no longer works. I plugged in my old stick to transfer back all my old ROMS, but nothing happened, so I figured 2.4 might use a different layout, so I copied the roms to my PC, formatted the thumb drive, then put it back in the Pi. It still didn’t work, so I did a bit of troubleshooting on my own. It is showing up correctly in the list of USB devices as a mass storage device, so it’s reading it fine. I then went into and went through the USB service setup. I got the normal Installing… Configuring… and then it finished. However, it still did not work. I have restarted the Pi several times and I still have a blank thumb drive.

    Does anyone know what the problem could be?



    The only thing I can think of that I made a mistake with was not updating the retropie setup script first. When I fixed it I updated the script first, rebooted, and then went back into the setup script and installed the usbromservice



    get this image

    or do as herbfargus suggested, update the script, and then re-run the usbromservice. There was a bug with this in the 2.4.2beta image that has since been corrected.



    How do you update the script?



    Kinda the same way that you update the usbromservice. I apologise if this isn’t exact I’m going off the top of my head as I don’t have access to my pi right now.
    cd RetroPie
    sudo ./

    Select update script

    Then update usbromservice like you did before

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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