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    Two suggestions based on a couple ‘issues’ I ran into over the weekend. Hopefully these aren’t duplicates or requests.

    1. I would love to be able to be able to DELETE roms using the USB ROM copy service. Say I add 9 new ROMs to my RetroPie, but only 7 of them work. Now I’m stuck with two ROMs on the machine that don’t work. In some cases, the machine not be available to operate locally with a connected keyboard, or SSH in. Maybe a subfolder called DELETE where the ROM file desired to be deleted could be placed. If it matches the file on RetroPie in name and size, delete it from both locations (to avoid clutter). Say I built a machine for a not-very-computer-literate friend who wants to put more ROMs on. That’s simple enough for them with the great USB ROM copy service – until they put MAME roms in the Atari7800 folder or vice-versa, and then I have to go running over there to take them off the list manually.

    2. I see that some config files are pulled down the USB still and have folders for FROM and TO (don’t have it in front of me at work, sorry). How about being able to do the same thing with the configs/(each emulator)/*.cfg files? That way, in the absence of both a network connection and a keyboard, I can still modify these files?

    I know, I get the irony of the whole thing, but over the weekend, I had a new test system with me to use as an arcade on the hotel’s TV. But it was setup for different controllers, and I had no way to log in to change them (but I did have my laptop with me so I could have off the USB stick).

    Thank you,



    I would love this!
    ^^ my other hobby

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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