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    Hi guys, new user to Pi, have had it setup with Retropie for the past week and have been loving it. But even before I got a hold of it, was planning a build using an SNES case that would also be reasonably repeatable should I ever try to make a little extra money or make some for friends, and as the build has progressed, I have ran into a few unexpected issues, chief of which is accommodations for having 4 accessible USB ports on the front. I already have the cables and mounting sorted out, but need to know would the Pi be able to run an unpowered USB hub or would I need to go the route of a powered hub, along with any suggestions that you guys may have.

    Also please note, I currently run a wired PS3 controller, but plan on either retro styled USB controllers, or getting original controllers paired with the USB adapters, but would also like to be sure I wouldn’t have any problems with running 4 wired controller be they PS3 or XBox 360 for the full 4 when multiplayer opportunities arise. And I only plan on having a wireless adapter for my keyboard/mouse plus maybe a WiFi adapter as well.

    And since I keep running this on and on, what has everybody’s experiences been with the various controller setups along with interchanging easily for multiplayer using hubs? And my power setup is currently 2 amp tablet charger running a Type B cable with a 12 inch extension adapter to the Raspberry Pi 2.

    PS If this happens to have been answered, sorry, trying to search for this topic has been overly confusing for me 😛



    Well, I am going to setup my case with a powered hub anyways, though I probably will only have it plugged up when I use more than 1 PS3 control, though I assume I shouldn’t have much issue if I use multiple plain USB controllers, or planned USB adapter for PS2 controllers.

    On another note, anybody had any luck with setting up the joysticks for the PSX emulator? I have it set already to use the left stick with no problem, but any luck with the right? Would be nice if I could play a FPS without having to be confused for controls 😛

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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