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    Ok, so i’ve got a relatively ok understanding of generally how to update things in Debian based OS’s using apt-get to do so, but i’m unsure how things work with RetroPie. Could someone explain?

    I.e. I’ve got a system set up with tweaks and emulators running happily, lets say it was Beta3 of v3.
    Would doing an apt-get update/upgrade get things up and running with the latest code? it doesnt seem to, bizarrely, as i know i was running on RC code and know that v3 has now been released but it didnt find anything to upgrade when i ran apt-get update/upgrade. so i’m assuming it doesn’t. any reason why?

    I usually run apt-get upgrades as a matter of course with any system i use.
    If i go to retropie-setup.sh and choose to install from Binaries, it seems to get rid of any custom configs and any of the other emulators i’ve installed. all in all its a pain in the butt.

    thanks in advance.



    I’m wondering the same thing.




    apt-get update and upgrade only apply to the linux repos (like the raspbian repository etc.) these are completely separate from the retropie setup (though some may be needed in order for the retropie build to work- but they are typically already included if you start from a fresh sd image so its not that important)

    If you wish to retropie there are a couple ways of doing it:

    First and foremost you always want to upgrade the setup script first. That will pull the latest changes from the github repository.

    Then you can either update everything with a full binary update (preferred) or full source update (if you really want to wait over 24+ hours for it to compile). Like you said though this will overwrite some configs which is why it is always important to make backups before you update.

    Or alternatively you can upgrade emulators individually if you just want a few things updated.

    Here’s a quick overview of the setup script that may help clarify things for you.



    so is there any chance of giving people the option to “upgrade from binaries” instead so that it doesn’t lose configs etc?
    Its a bit of an ask in this day and age to expect people to upgrade but not have a painless way to go about doing it.

    I’m assuming that building from source will also cause you to lose configs.

    So for Apt-get to be relevant to retropie, I assume you would have to create a repo for retropie, then also have repo’s for each of the individual emulators involved (unless you housed them all on a single retropie repo of known working/good builds of the emulators?)



    Building a repo is tedious and takes time- its unlikely to happen anytime soon. With retropie 3.0 its a lot easier to get up and running from a fresh image- but you can always back up the configs you want and copy them back over after the update. I’m sure updates in the future will improve but the retropie project is always in development- file paths change and settings conflict with changes etc.

    And you can update individual binaries without changing your configs. Its a bit of an ask in this day and age to expect something that was given for free to expect it to be perfect. You have to understand that this is free- the developers build it on their free time outside of their day jobs. If you wanted a quick and easy solution then you’re probably best looking somewhere else where you have to pay money for it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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