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    How can i uninstall (safely) these games?

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    The easiest way is to go into the roms folder under RetroPie and delete their respective folders there. When you reload or reboot, they will be gone.

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    You can also follow the steps in this thread and edit the es_systems.cfg file, . This way also allows you to choose which emulators show up in ES.

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    The easiest and safest route is to Use # to comment out the systems you don’t want displayed in the es_systems file .

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    How do i go about adding back emulators i have removed? I managed to remove the “input config” stuff, and i want it back. I deleted it from the roms directory.

    Is there some place i can redownload these things? (i have tried re-running install binaries without any luck).

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    just add the following to the end of the es_systems.cfg file

    DESCNAME=Input Configuration

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    I just commented out systems in /etc/es_config.cfg but emulators are still there. Any hint to remove unused / unwanted emulators to simplify the list?



    asbesto, this is what I did:
    I opened my FTP client and connected to my PI. in /home/pi/RetroPie/roms I created a new directory called _unused * and then I moved all direcotries(=systems) that I don’t need into the _unused directory (e.g. atari, n64, msx, etc.). that’s it. there is no need to change any config files.

    alternatively, I could have deleted all directories, but this solution seemed to be more appropriate since if I ever want to put up some N64 or Atari stuff onto my PI, I simply move back the belonging folder and don’t have to worry about how it was called.

    * the _ prefix is simply to have this directory stay on top in the roms directory when I connect via SFTP to transfer stuff

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    What I mean is – how to remove emulators from the emulationstation list? I dont want IBM and NES and APPLE 2 in the scrolling logos – only MAME. How to do this? There are no IBM roms for DOS emulation, so can’t do your trick.

    Is there any way to do this?

    Thank you everyone 😀



    so you say in /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/
    you only have the 2 subfolders
    – mame
    – _unused
    and ES still shows NES, IBM etc.?! cannot be…

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