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    Hi all
    Has anyone done this with luck i have one running via bt a ps3 controller and was wondering what r the steps cor adding a second? Just the same? Pairing in retropie setup script? Help please?



    Update retropie-setup and reinstall ps3 driver. There is a multiple ps3 controller fix now.



    Thanks for you reply and hint.
    I’m running 3.2 And the only option i used was the Install/Pair Ps3 Controller, it allows me to pair a controller.

    Am i supposed to just run this option again? If so, won’t that drop the pairing of the original one?

    Where is the option for a 2nd controller am i missing something, or will it appear if i upgrade to 3.2.1 (Which i thought looks only like a d-pad fix)

    Sorry i’m a tad confused?

    Many thanks



    Pairing a second controller should be easy. Start your pi. Wait until emulationstation appears. Connect second controller over usb. Wait some seconds. The controller should be configured now. Disconnect and press PS button.

    If this does not work please do the following steps. There was a small modification short after 3.2 release. Please press “F4” and type:

    cd RetroPie-Setup
    git pull
    sudo ./

    Remove and install driver again.



    Great. Thanks for that i will try.



    I am able to connect 2 different ps3 controllers at the same time to my rpi2 running the newest version of retropie. My problem is that I can’t use them both once I’m in a game for 2 player games. I’ve only tried snes, and genesis.

    I’m completely new to retropie, and raspberry pie.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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