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    I have published a tutorial on installing the Wolfenstein 3D port, wolf4sdl and integrating it into Retropie and emulationstation. You can find it at the link below.


    It is possible to configure game controllers for wolf4sdl as well as for DOSBox, the topic of last tutorial. Please let me know which you would be interested in.

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    Awesome! I’m going to give this a shot tonight, I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

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    I played around with wolf4sdl before. I couldn’t test it because i had no good game files.


    Do you have any shareware sources?

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    I’ve only tested it in DOSBox but you can try the DOS Games Archive.


    You will need to use DOSBox to install the game and gain access to the game files.

    Before you compile, you will need to edit the file version.h to make sure the binary works for your game files. I don’t think this was done in your script. Judging from the name of the zip file, I think this is shareware version 1.4 so you need to leave line 10 (#define UPLOAD) and line 12 (#define CARMACIZED) uncommented.

    [Edit 21 Jan]

    I can confirm that the above works. You may have to reboot after you have compiled the binary.

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    Well done, sir. Got it up and running, easy to follow instructions. Thanks!

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    Awesome Dudleydes! I’m totally going to do this….any way you could look into installing the “Blood” port??? I would be forever grateful.

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    Could you provide a link to the source code and documentation for the Blood port? I shall put it on my list for future tutorials.

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    Unless this article is outdated, looks like it might not be possible to get…http://blood.sourceforge.net/bloodsource.php

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    Im going out of my mind trying to get this working…

    I have recompiled it with –

    /* Defines used for different versions */

    //#define SPEAR
    //#define SPEARDEMO
    #define UPLOAD
    //#define GOODTIMES
    #define CARMACIZED
    //#define APOGEE_1_0
    //#define APOGEE_1_1
    //#define APOGEE_1_2

    Wolf3d Full v1.1 Apogee (with ReadThis) – define CARMACIZED and APOGEE_1_1
    Wolf3d Full v1.4 Apogee (with ReadThis) – define CARMACIZED
    Wolf3d Full v1.4 GT/ID/Activision – define CARMACIZED and GOODTIMES
    Wolf3d Shareware v1.0 – define UPLOAD and APOGEE_1_0
    Wolf3d Shareware v1.1 – define CARMACIZED and UPLOAD and APOGEE_1_1
    Wolf3d Shareware v1.2 – define CARMACIZED and UPLOAD and APOGEE_1_2
    Wolf3d Shareware v1.4 – define CARMACIZED and UPLOAD
    Spear of Destiny Full and Mission Disks – define CARMACIZED and SPEAR
    (and GOODTIMES for no FormGen quiz)
    Spear of Destiny Demo – define CARMACIZED and SPEAR and SPEARDEMO

    and have the 1.4 shareware version, and all the files are in the .wolf3d (home folder) and it still doesn’t work…

    Can someone try this on their pi and let me know if it works?
    its the wolf3d binary that was created for me and all the data files im using from the 1.4 shareware version..

    I also have the full 1.4 version by 3drealms, that I can’t get to work, if someone has a binary that they know works with that version that I can try I would be very appreciative..


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