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    Hello everyone, i’m kind of new to all this, in the past few weeks i’ve done many test to get everything straight to play all my retro games. I think i learn from my mistakes but i have an this reccurent problem.

    Here’s my set :
    Pi 2 (Overclocked at pi 2 setup)
    Fresh retropie 3.3.1 image
    Sandisk microsd 64G SDXC
    Ps3 controller

    Here’s my problem :

    Is it ok to just take plug my card in my pc and manually transfer the roms to the right directory?

    All i see on the wiki or on google are usb, FTP and Samba transfer?!

    I ask this cause at first it work, i can play games for days, but i have no idea why but after a random reboot i need to run a manual fsck and have some line like:

    has 75 multiply-claimed block(s), shared with 3 file(s):
    Clone multiply-claimed blocks… i

    I’m sure you know that kind of stuff.

    Is this related to the way i tranfer roms? Or can i do something basic to avoid that?

    Thank you



    If you know the IP address of your PI ( assuming it is connected to the network ) samba a pretty easy way to put your roms where the need to be.

    Just punch in the following on your pc

    \\ ( assuming that is your pi ip address )
    \\retropie (also works for me )

    You should see 4 folders, bios,configs,roms, splashscreen. Open up the roms folder and drag and drop, easy and I have had no issues with doing it this way.

    The bad blocks could be from your OC of the pi, I would check out this link and run the stresstest.

    Will give you an idea if the OC is causing corruption of your SD card.

    I would also add this line to your config.txt ( where your overclock settings would be )


    At least to start, as this will stop the overclock settings if your temperatures reach what ever # you put in. I have read some PI 2’s can show issues if temps reach over 65 degrees C but the warranty default is 85 C

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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