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    Hi there people!
    A few weeks ago I ordered a Raspberry Pi b+, USB single female slots, cooling devices for the RPi b+, SNES extensions cables, 32 GB micro SD card, etc…
    The plan is to get everything inside an american model cartridge.
    I first started emptying the the cartridge with a file and knife and then I made space for the SNES female controller connectors.
    I had to remove the ethernet adapter and the 2 double USB slots to get inside the cartridge. My plan is to solder 3 single USB slots in a plate and link it to the original USB. The fourth USB slot will be for a tiny WLAN adapter, also inside the cartridge.
    Now I’m running out of space and I don’t think it would be enough space for the RetroPie GPIO adapter.

    How dangerous is it to connect the 2 SNES controllers directly to the GPIO?
    Has someone linked 2 controllers directly to the GPIO? How?
    Any recommendations?




    Wow… didn’t noticed the images where that huge



    I’ve been contemplating a similar project to this myself, either using an NTSC SNES or NES cartridge case.

    Sadly I can’t help you with your question but I’d love to know if you’d made any progress with this as I love your design.




    I’ve got a similar project going, but I didn’t think to remove the USB and Ethernet jacks. I thought if I cut slots out for them that the Pi2 would fit, but the solder tips on the bottom of the PCB make it so I’m about 2-3mm too tight inside the SNES cart.
    I wish they sold a Pi2 with single height USB jacks.
    Any update on yours? I’d love to see the end result of how you got everything to fit.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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