Strange N64 issue

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    Hi to all!

    When I put a N64 ROM (every emu tried), system freezes…

    Sometimes can´t start emulationstation,
    sometimes starts, but freezes when I select any emu…

    Can anybody help?



    Probably some power issues?
    can you still log in via ssh while the system is frozen?
    also do you have roms in more then 12 systems? (breaks my emulationstation every time)

    thats what i can come up with the information provided.




    No power issues. I´m using provided 2A power adaptor.
    I can acces via SSH when system frozen.

    I have 25 systems with their respective roms running without any problem.

    I´m using Raspberry Pi 2 with 2.6 optimized image.



    i had some similar issues. as soon as i added a 12th emulator to the startscreen(by placing a rom inside the folder) emulationstation frooze on startup. try to remove one system and it should work again. WHy this happens though is beond me (i myself removed my atari2600 roms to make place for n64 roms)

    keep me updated when you find a way around this (i couldt find one. it happend for me with both pi 1b and now Pi 2, so the only answer i get : “not enough memory” cant be the problem (imo))



    I see. Thx for the info and your time

    It seems not the problem. I have 25 emulators running ok for now, I put ROMs to the 26th emu (TurboGrafx 16) and rules ok.

    My problem its only (for now) with N64…

    I Continue investigating 🙁



    try to remove all roms except n64. If it still happens im out of ideas.



    I had a similar issue a few weeks ago. Strangley, it occurred on one TV and not my other. The TV I has issues with is 1080p whereas the one that worked is 720p. I forced the PI to 720p and the problem hasn’t occurred again.

    Btw, have you tried updating to the latest version of ES? I suspect it may help with this issue due to needing less vram.
    ^^ my other hobby

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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