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    I’m having a strange problem with my wired ps3 6 axis controller (the wired xbox 360 controller also does this)

    I’m running retropie 3.0 on a pi 2 with the correct pi2 overclocking..

    If I fire up the PS1 emulator and play “Medal of Honor”, everything works fine if i stick to using the d pad to move around. But when i use the thumb-sticks (and yes i have set it up correctly) I sometime get a very jerky movement. In fact its almost unplayable.

    Whats driving me mad it does not always do this, for example. Last night I played the same game using the thumb-sticks for 3 hours with no problems, everything worked greats. Then, when i fired it up the pi again this morning. i’m back the the jerky movement.

    Does anyone have any idea why this is?

    I have no other usb devices plugging in.




    After hours of fiddling about I know know what is going on. I think I have found a bug in pcsx-rearmed. does anyone know how i report it?

    here’s how it works:
    1) start the ps1 emulator with Pad 1 Type as standard, run “MOH”
    2) change Pad 1 Type to analog
    5) return to games..everything works fine
    6) exit emulator and restart and run “MOH”
    7) the movement is now messed up.

    the work around is to always set Pad 1 Type to standard before you exit, and set it to analog from within the game.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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