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    I’ve seen this thread:

    But it’s huge and quickly devolved into bug reports and becomes impossible to follow. It’s been a while now and I’m wondering how Retropie is currently doing on the Raspberry Pi 2? I currently use a R-Pi B+ and am considering upgrading to a R-Pi 2.

    Also, if I do upgrade, is there a tutorial anywhere on how to migrate my existing settings over to the new Pi, or do I have to start over?

    Edit: I should also note that I am mostly interested in N64 and earlier systems for emulation.




    I highly recommend a raspberry pi 2, I’ve been using mine for a while and it works great. It probably would be easiest just to start over rather than updating as it will minimise the potential issues- n64 is still hit and miss depending on the game and how much you want to invest in messing with configurations, but I haven’t had any issues with any of the older consoles.



    Never ran RetroPie on the B/B+ but did run Carles Oriol’s ChameleonPi which is essentially a remix.

    RetroPie on the Pi 2 is great – full speed PSX with no over clocking.

    Plus the Pi 2 has enough grunt to cope with the deficiencies in BBC Micro emulation so you no longer have to run RiscOS just to get an ARM-optimised 6502 emulator that will do it.

    I wrote a little blog post about it. Maybe somebody would like to include that machine , despite it being a bit UK-specific. Build instructions at:



    haprpi, excellent blog, I have beebem up and running in emulationstation too now, so thanks!

    Have you had any luck getting sound working though?

    /disregard, sound needs to be set to 11khz



    Not so much. If you hit F12 tab to the sound menu and change the sample frequency you get sound for as long as it takes for some interrupt or other to occur. Playing Chuckie Egg I got it to do the running sound for a couple of seconds at a time by this method but every time I would jump or climb a ladder the sound would fail and I’d need to tab through again and reset it. Annoying, but at least it runs even if you cant exit properly either.

    Sound I can live without. When I was a kid I mostly played with sound off anyhow.



    Many thanks for posting the BBC micro instructions. I’ve got it running, albeit it without sound. Very distracting when I’m supposed to be working at home today :/

    Could be worth posting a message to the Further enhancements page so that it might get considered for future inclusion (well worth it in my book..)



    Any of you guys managed to get Beebem to change disc images without crashing? It makes it a little hard to save progress in games like Elite!



    Haven’t tried saving anything, but it should be possible to just save the machine state instead of swapping disc images. That’s what I used on the windows version of beebem to get through the first Elite mission. May give it a crack later.



    this is the error it throws up when it crashes:

    (beebem:6273): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:



    I think the problme is Beebem thinks it’s running in x. If you startx into the Desktop, open a terminal and run Beebem, selecting a disc image doesnt crash beebem, rather it brings up a File Selector.

    What we need is way to fool Beebem into thinking it’s running in X when we launch it in emulationstation and get it to bring up a File Selector which works outside of X. I have a feeling that’ll require some coding which is way beyond my abilities!

    The other alternative is to get b-em compiled so it doesnt just work in X and will run using dispmanx. Again that’s beyond me.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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