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    Right so i have near enough got my retropie up and running. But ive been stuck on this problem with the sound which just literally came out of no where. What happens is in the config.txt file i have my “hdmi group = 2” and the “hdmi mode = 58” and this worked fine (sound and everything). but all off a sudden the sound just stopped working, i can get it to work if i uncomment the “hdmi_drive” but then when i launch an emulator the screen goes really small and positions itself at the top left and corner of the screen.

    any help is appreciated 🙂



    can you post the contents of your config.txt?

    If you have found the solution to your problem please mark the topic as resolved.



    Hello again trimmtrabb 🙂

    sorry for the late reply but ive managed to get it working. I put a comment in front of tge over scan and hdmi boost and just left the hdmi group, mod and drive un commented. the screens a big too big for my tv but when i launch an emulator its fine, thanks any way for all the help 🙂



    the problem is probably in your raspi-config

    this happens to me and I have to force audio out the HDMI or headphone depending on the monitor/output

    the pi likes to forget what its doing so you have to force the output to config for a more stable experience




    Well I have got it working as best as it possibly can now (I think). So am not gunna casue myself anymore frustration for tonight haha. But thank you for the reply and help guys. Ill mark this one as solved 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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