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    I recently started using RetroPie on the Pi2 using the 2.6 SD card image and it worked extremely well.

    Some things I am still confused about after reading the available documentation:

    – What is the correct way to use the Setup script on the SD card image? How do I upload emulators (binary update vs source update vs individual updates) and what potentially gets overwritten? I have looked at most of the RetroPie-Setup script source just wanted to make sure what the “official” way for this is.

    – When using sselph’s external scraper the gamelists and images get stored in the roms subfolder for the system. My ES seems to use the files in ~/.emulationstation though. Is there any way to switch this?

    – Is there some kind of list that gives suggestions which emulators are currently “best” for each system? I tend to cling to the libretro cores since it makes configuring more streamlined but N64 works much better with mupen64 for me so far




    No ideas on this? Should I post the questions as seperate topics?



    1.) Just start the setup and choose what you want to do. But beware, sometimes updating results in things not working properly anymore.

    2.) ES uses different places in a defined order to look for gamelists and artwork. I think rom folders come first. Just have a look at the ES docs.

    3.) Yep, seen this in another post some time ago. Take a search. I think for everything up to the PSX the libretro cores a just fine. They are for me!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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