Some NES games don't work

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    Hi again !

    I’ve a problem with NES games. (Retropie up to date, setup script ok, Xbox 360 controller).

    I have 3 NES games in the good folder:
    – super mario bros 1
    – super mario bros 2
    – super mario bros 3

    All the games start. I can play super mario bros 2 normally, with sound and everything, but not the 1 and 3 !

    The matter seems to be the controller. On the start screen of these games, I can’t do anything. I can’t press start, or use up and down to browse menus.

    Moreover, I have to press the Y button of my xbox controller and set the controls each time I start a game, because the config is not saved.

    Could you give me a hand please ?



    have you run the “Register RetroArch Controller”?



    Yep, I did. But it changed nothing. The config is reset each time I start a game. Plus, I can’t do anything with my controller in certain games.



    ok, and you’re running the script as “sudo ./” right?

    i’ve had the xbox 360 controller working in the past and it was fine for me so lets keep at this.

    did you run the “Install Xbox 360 driver” thing in that script too?



    Okay it’s working “fine” now. One of the problem was coming from the ROM. I changed it, and now I can play it normally.

    But the config of the controller is reset each time I choose a new rom to play.



    ok, this is possibly a permission issue?
    they aren’t being saved so i figure it might be that…

    could you run:
    sudo chown -R pi /home/pi
    sudo chown -R pi /etc/emulationstation
    sudo chown -R pi /opt/retropie



    you can set the console specific controls in
    you can grab my configs here

    What controllers are you using?

    keep in mind i use snes controllers for nes
    each config file has every button in it for both controllers
    you are welcome to edit those configs for your 360 controller



    Okay nice try for the permission issue.

    Actually, /home/pi wasn’t owned by the pi user (strange).

    I have nothing in the folder /opt/retropie/config/nes. I assume it’s not normal.

    I tried to put your config files in it @evilkitty, but as you said, it’s for a NES controller and it’s to hard to adapt the file for my xbox 360 controller.

    I’d prefer to dig up on why my config is not saved in the proper folder.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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