Some emulators have the buttons inverted

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    Some of the emulators have inverted buttons, this is for example in the psx emulator, Square is triangle, X is circle, triangle is square and circle is X, same with the FPA-libretro (these are the ones I noticed), I havent touched anything yet, the configuration is what comes by default, most emulators have the correct controls tho

    I didnt make a mistake while configuring the controller, my controller has the buttons exactly like the SNES (WiiU pro controller), there is no mistake, also I configured it several times just to be sure.

    Any fix for this?



    Isn’t this due to the differences between Japanese and Eur / US games?


    Button confusion



    No, I dont play japanese games, and also japanese games only have X and circle inverted, not the triangle or the square button. The games I have are games I have played before, they are common games like symphony of the night or Silent hill, we all know you dont jump by pressing the circle button in symphony of the night, or you dont run in silent hill by pressing the triangle button.

    The emulator is arranged as if the buttons where the Xbox controller buttons instead of the SNES buttons.

    By the way, Im using the premade RetroPie 3 Beta 2 Image on a Raspberry pi 2.



    I, too, felt that the buttons were not correctly mapped for Retroarch (libretro) emulators so here is my fix.

    I assume from your references to square and triangle that you are using a PlayStation controller but you don’t say whether it’s connected by USB or Bluetooth. For a wired (USB) PS3 controller, this is what I did. Run the command

    sudo nano "/opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/configs/Sony_PLAYSTATION(R)3_Controller.cfg"

    Here, you can reassign input_b_btn, input_y_btn, input_a_btn and input_x_btn to your own preferences.

    If you are connecting via bluetooth, then you should be able to find the BT config file in the /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/configs folder.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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