snes zelda sound issues

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    hello everyone!

    basically it is that, sound is very glitched and crazy when playing zelda in the snes emulator…. I think it is the only rom in the snes emulator that is giving me this problem…

    Can I tweak the emulator in any way to enhance the sound?

    Thanks everyone!



    Are you using HDMI or composite out?



    I’m using HDMI…

    By the way, I wanted to change some parameters for DGEN..where do I do it? in dgenrc that is located in /retropie/emulators/dgen-sdl or add the lines I want to change to /retropie/configs/all/dgenrc???

    Thanks a lot for your answer !!!



    Hmm, I did not observe sound issues over HDMI at all so far. Maybe you want to try out one of the other two SNES emulators (SNES9X, PiSNES) that also come with the SD-card image or can be installed with the RetroPie Setup Script.

    DGEN can be configured with the file /retropie/configs/all/dgenrc by default.



    Is it only certain parts of the game or is it the entire game itself?



    Have you tried finding different roms of the same game? Most games have multiple different files online, although it may be hard to tell the difference. Sometimes the file will be bad, or just not work well with a particular emulator. Try out a few and see if the sound improves on one of them.



    Thank you for the answers…

    In fact it seems it is the all the game, despite I haven’t played much…
    I will try other roms and then tell you something…

    If it doesn’t work I will try with other emulator…I thought it could be possible anyelse having this problem?

    thanks everyone!



    This might be a stupid question, but…
    Are you sure it’s not just the rain sounds at the beginning of the game? It goes from the start of the game until after you first rescue Zelda. They kinda sound like static, so I can understand how that might be interpreted as a sound glitch.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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