SNES Controllers Not Working

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    I am putting a Raspberry Pi with RetroPie in an old SNES case I have, and I have everything working on the software side, but the SNES controllers aren’t working.

    I used the GPIO Adapter to connect the controller ports on the front of the SNES case to the Pi, and it seems to work (the LED on the front of the case even lights up), but the controllers don’t seem to be recognized.



    Okay, the controller is now working in the EmulationStation menu, but not in-game.

    Can anyone help?



    Good to hear that the controllers are working now!

    Currently, the emulators have to be configured independently from ES.

    There are various posts about how to do this in this forum.



    Thanks for the response, PetRockBlog. So glad I purchased your GPIO Adapter!

    Just one controller is working in the EmulationStation menu (player 1).

    I got to task ‘322 Register RetroArch Controller’ by entering ‘sudo ./’ in the terminal.

    It prepares me to enter the bindings for the controller, but when I initiate the setup, the buttons on the controller don’t respond, and it times out.

    What can I do? The other forum posts on this problem don’t help, as I cannot find the files they are talking about on my Pi.



    Also, whenever I try and run


    it says “command not found”



    Well, I followed the guide located here:

    and when I got to the part you configure the joystick (vintage SNES controller), IT WORKED! I was able to play Donkey Kong Country with the first controller!

    But the problem is, I can’t configure the second joystick (vintage SNES controller). When I type in the same command I used to configure the first controller, it says “Couldn’t open joystick #2”.

    What can I do?




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