SNES controller via USB hub not recognized by RetroArch

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    Hi all, forgive me if this is a basic question, but I’m brand new to this. I just set up my Raspberry Pi using the RetroPie image. I got everything set up, got some ROMs copied over, and everything was working. I set it up initially using an iBuffalo branded USB SNES controller. I set up Emulation Station and RetroArch using this and it worked no problem. I had already ordered an adapter to be able to use my actual SNES controllers with the Raspberry Pi (this is the one I have).

    When I plug that in and boot up my pi, Emulation Station recognizes that controller. However, when I exit Emulation Station and go into the RetroPie setup and try to configure the RetroArch, it does not. I go through all the prompts, and no matter what I press it doesn’t do anything except eventually time out.

    It does “see” my controller. On the top during the registration it says

    Found joypad driver: udev
    Using joypad: HuiJia USB GamePad (this is the same name that Emulation Station came up with also, so I know it recognizes it)

    Any idea what’s going on? I’m new to Linux and Raspberry Pi, so perhaps there’s an easy fix that I’m just not aware of.



    As more information, I did some looking and found JSTEST. I installed and ran it, and it also does not recognize any of the button presses for the SNES controller using an adapter.

    I’m not sure where to go from here.



    With the pad plugged in what does the command ls /dev/input show?

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    OK, I figured this out. Shockingly, it was user error. When I did another ls /dev/input, I noticed that it shows js1 as well as js0. I just automatically did js0 before, because that’s what the USB SNES controller was. Turns out, on my adapter, the port on the right is player 1, or js0. I set it up that way and it works now.

    Sorry about that. Learning.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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