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    Hi All

    Still quite a noob to this. Everything seems to be working fine for most emulators (thanks to all the contribs on the project) apart from slowdown in MAME.

    I’m Using a Pi2 with a 32gb Verbatim Class10 card and an official pi power supply.

    I used the default Pi2 overclock from the retropie setup menu (1gz i believe)

    I dumped all my roms into roms/mame4all and all of them work. Some of them however have sound issues/slowdown

    e.g OutRun (mainly at the start gate), Double Dragon(first boss), Mortal Kombat

    The older games seems fine (dkong, pacman, defender etc)

    Is this just how it is on MAME. CPU intensive i.e expect slowdown on ‘newer games’ ?

    Initially i thought it was the gpu mem split (was set to 64, changed this to 256) but it has made no difference.

    Incidentally, i Can play Mario 64 with no slowdown or sound errors ( have played it for over 3 hours as a test).

    Any advice appreciated.



    i’m afraid that’s just how it is. it’s not particularly logical. eg, afterburner and the mortal kombat series struggle on all mame/fba emulators, yet street fighter III and all manner of late 90s/00s cave shooters work great.

    mame tries to be pretty accurate with its emulation, so i’m assuming that the games that struggle have complex emulation happening when being translated to run on our architecture, rather than being particularly sophisticated/modern. a lot of console emulation (N64) aims to get the same end-result, rather than fully model the hardware.



    Ok. Thanks for clarifying that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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