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    I finally updated my Retropie version to 3.0, but for some reason Emulationstation defaults to the god awful colorpi theme and when I try to change it back to the simple theme (the old default theme), I find it’s not on there? The only theme I am able to select is colorpi. Help!



    Update your setup script, and under option 3 there is a theme installer. Install whichever theme suits your fancy (I prefer carbon) and then you can switch the theme from ui settings in the emulationstation start menu. Or you can wait like a day or two until 3.1 is released and carbon is installed by default on it.



    Excellent, thank you sir. I’ll check out Carbon too. Colorpi looks cool on the system select, but when you go into the game list it’s just way too busy for my taste.



    I swapped the BG on the game select screen and the colors in the colorpi theme to match what I have in kodi. After that it looks fantastic!
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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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