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    So this is my 2nd retropie project and my 1st since version 2.3. I am having a few issues, some that I did not have in my 1st attempt.

    To start I am having difficulty getting a second controller to work for emulated games. I am using 2 different usb snes style controllers. After getting my first one to work by using retroarch-setup my second one will not register. If I run the program again it simply will not register inputs from the next controller but RetroArch recognizes the first controller just fine, any attempt to register another just overwrites the first config file leaving me with one working controller. Any subsequent attempt to copy paste config files has not worked as they do not match the first file I have Input.
    Is there a tutorial for setting up controllers for version 2.3? I got it to work in version 1, but no luck using the same methods.
    My goal is to have 2 snes style controllers and 2 nes style controllers all plugged into a raspberry pi b+. I have edited the config file and no luck, many suggestions have been to copy paste the file and change player 1 to player 2. This has not worked for me since my file does not even differentiate a player, it instead registered 4 different config files, all of which control retroarch, but only one registers as player one in game.

    Secondly. I am searching for a list of rom folders that retroarch uses. I have seen people utilize turbografx 16 roms, but i have no idea which folder to put the roms in, not all of them are intuitive like nes, or snes. After searching I have yet to find a simple list of what each rom folder correlates to in terms of roms to put in.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will happily supply any additional info.



    I’d like to second Idjstyle’s call for a system to folder breakdown. Some of the folder names just aren’t intuitive. It would be tremendously helpful to confirm that we’re adding roms to the right location. Is anyone able to draw up a list? I’m sure it would get a lot of reads. Thanks!



    aren’t the folders all in the /roms directory???



    Thanks for the reply, all the folders are in the /roms directory. I am just a little confused what some of the folders are for. For instance I was confused where to put my TurboGraphx16 roms, after digging around I found out that PC-engine = TurboGraphx 16. I just thought a simple list would be nice since not all of the folders are named something intuitive like NES or SNES. Also some systems have different names in other countries like Genesis / Megadrive.



    I second this notion … a nice list like .gen, .smd goes in megadrive folder / .srm goes in snes folder etc… It would be a nice valuable little write up if someone with a little knowledge would supply.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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