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    HI All,

    Generally loving this. Thanks for making it.

    Couple questions:

    Has anyone tried using any of the shaders? If so how did you set up?
    Did you see a lot of performance lag?
    I have a 60in TV sooo games look a wee bit rough.

    How are PSX games working for people?
    I’ve had some luck with 2D games as long as there isn’t too much going on.
    3D games not so much, some just plain don’t work, and others run too slow to be playable.
    Is that normal or are there setting to help things along?



    have a look at overclocking and using my settings, I can play Metal Gear Solid without any issues the only game i have issues with, strangely, is Destruction Derby 1 and 2…



    Super crashy for me with those setting sadly.

    Are you running the 360 controller?

    My only guess is that it’s not getting enough power and I should get a powered hub.



    get yourself some little heatsinks for your chips, you can get on ebay well cheap..and make sure your using a powered usb hub, esp if you are using the 360 controller, I find that consumes more power than my generic lookeylikey.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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