SDL (audio) Driver Not available in Retropie 2.3

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    I install the 2.3 version of Retropie (on raspberry B+) and Inmediatly make a update and upgrade of the binaries… after that i try the emulators with ALSATHREAD and ALSA driver but the sound its not good enough. So i want to try the SDL audio driver the some guys says fix that.

    but when i edit the configuration file and i try to start a game, this come back to ES and i can read in the terminal that the driver is not available, just ALSA and ALSATHREAD.

    i know the SDL enable is a option on the compilation of (retroarch?), but im not sure if its because that my problem (that means <SDL is disabled for some reason) or i have a problem on configuration/upgrade?

    Can somebody help me pls?



    sorry i forgot… i understand retropie its not perfect with Snes yet… but this happen with Nes too, that i think is weird.

    Im using HDMI… could this fix on RCA?



    I have the same problem, sdl not available.
    But, once I overclocked my PI all my sound issues went away for all my emulators except PS1 (and that is still playable), I run Atari2600, Nes, Snes, Genesis, PS1 and Mame.
    I have over 4000 roms, so I can not say that they all work, but all the ones I like to play work. Not even sure why I have that many, I don’t play most of them.
    Haven’t figured out N64 yet, working on it tho.

    I overclock turbo, and have no problems, I also have heat sinks on my PI.



    which overclock are you using (turbo)? im with the 900 of default retropie image 2.3

    the roms that i use:

    Nes: Megaman 2
    Snes: Megaman X, Super Mario World

    Cave Story runs fine.. but thats not emulation.



    Yeah, I am running turbo.
    I will check those games out this evening (currently at work)and get back with you.

    Really the only sound issues I am having is when the fight scene begins in Final Fantasy VIII ( playstation ). But, I have not played any of the megaman roms. May have to Download them to test them out.



    You are right, turbo mode solve everything xD. i Will buy some heat sinks too. also i can play Castlevania Symphony of the Night <3

    Thank you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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