Screen goes blank after (unknown) timeout

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    I’ve got a weird problem that I did not have initially but I suspect it came either after an rpi-update or after an “apt-get dist-upgrade”. I’ve also at some point done a “download binaries” i

    The SD card was initially created using the 2.3 image.

    I’ve played a lot of Zelda (NES) version without this happening but now it happens in several (all?) emulators so something I’ve done must have changed this behavior.

    What happens is that the screen goes totally blank. I’ve removed overclocking, compiled RetroArch from sources, changed controller, power supply, HDMI cable, video modes etc. but nothing helped and today when it happened I had a wireless keyboard and mouse connected and guess what? Clicking the mouse buttons makes the screen turn on again. This problem that has been driving me crazy here seems to be some powersaving screenblanking kicking in.

    I’ve checked /etc/kbd/config and powersaving seems to be turned off so that’s not it. Anyone experienced the same and found a solution? I’m going to keep looking and if I find out what’s causing it I will post the solution here.




    cat /sys/module/kernel/parameters/consoleblank tells me 600 seconds = 10 minutes even though /etc/kbd/config has it all turned off.



    Problem solved (I think). I had removed “console=tty1” from my cmdline.txt to get rid of lot of the boot text. It seems that stopped the /etc/kbd/config settings for ever being applied.

    I’m sure there are also ways to make this work with console=tty1 removed but I’ve turned to console back on for now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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