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    I keep getting this message using the built in scraper in Emulation Station. I’ve tried scraping from both thegamesdb and thearchive with the same result. Tried selecting All Games or Only Missing Image but same result.

    When checking my IP address under “Show IP Address” in the RetroPie settings, I get a bit of a strange result (or maybe this is how it’s supposed to look). The first header that says “Your IP is:” shows nothing beside it. But then under the header that says “2: etho0:” there’s a bunch of info and then it lists That seems to be the correct IP as I can connect to it and browse the file system via my windows machine by typing it in the address bar. I can also connect to it by simply clicking on Retropie in the network tree.




    Check the names of the ROMs you are scraping vs what they’re called on 🙂



    I’ve determined that I’m not actually connected to the internet. I’m getting an IP but there’s no gateway. I did a sudo trace -n and all that was showing for gateway was

    So now the question is, how do I get the pi to connect to my gateway?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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