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    I understand that scrapped information for games is stored in the gamelist.xml file which are in turn stored in each directory per emulator. What I don’t understand is where is this information stored when you first do a scrape.

    I have just scraped some info in scummvm for just 6 titles. Looking in emulation station all the info is showing the descriptions and cover art etc but if I look in the gamelist.xml file it is just showing 3 previous scrapes not the new ones even though as said ES shows the info so where is ES reading this data from?

    As soon as I reboot I loose all the scraped info because obvioulsy it hasn’t been wrote to the gamelist.xml file which is most annoying.

    If I manually add entries to this file they work fine.

    ps this isn’t the issue mentioned by many with reference to the missing <gameList> tag.

    I have just done a test now and cleared out all the entries, rebooted the pi and sure enough ScummVM is now showing nothing. I have just done a scrape on the file queen and all the info is showing for Flight of the Amazon Queen, showing developer information, description etc but if I look at the gamelist.xml file in the scummvm folder this file just shows

    <?xml version="1.0"?>

    and not the scraped information, any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Edit: just found if I just exit ES and not shutdown or restart this info is wrote to the gamelist file which does seem a bit silly.

    Addiitional if I auto scrape and not individually edit the meta data then this is also wrote to the gamelist.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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