RPI2 still choppy. Differences in Retropie images?

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    I just received a Raspberry Pi 2, and I intended to use it as a PSX emulator. I already had a RP1 (model B 512MB) with retroarch (retropie-v3.0beta2-rpi1) running and configured. More or less everything worked properly. I even installed Kodi and some server tools. In short, it’s something that took me weeks to properly configure.

    When the RPI2 arrived, I just swapped the microSD and it booted and everything seemed to work properly. However, despite the performance being somewhat better, PSX emulation is still choppy, and N64 emulation does not work at all (roms launch, I heard some sound but nothing appears on screen).

    I realized that, in the download section, there are two images: one for RPI1 and another for RPI2. What is the difference? Maybe the performance issues may be related to this?

    Please help!



    This is how I understand it. I may be wrong on the details

    The pi2 is built on a different type of processor (arm7 vs the arm 5(?) of the pi 1) It is backwards compatible with much of the old processes, but it will have some inconsistencies. The separate image for the pi2 is tweaked at the kernel level to make everything work properly.

    You should be able to put a clean pi2 image on an SD card and copy over all your customized settings and roms and it should all work as is. You will have to reinstall Kodi and any other extra programs you might have added yourself. Hope this makes sense and helps.




    I see. It’s better to start from scratch using the last image and configure everything properly than trying to adapt and upgrade old installations.

    I’ll try to do that in the following days. If I’m not lucky, I’ll come back here and complain 😛



    You can also just do a full binary install, which will then download rpi2 optimised emulators (It detects which rpi it’s running on).



    I tried a fresh install in another SD card. Quickly tried the PSX emulator without further configurations and it ran perfectly as is. Great!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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