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    Good afternoon everyone!

    I’m fairly new to the pi world. The first thing I’ve been doing is setting up this wonderful tool (Emulationstation) onto it. The issue I’ve encountered has been making it so that I can save my games progress (For the time being, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2).

    I have (I think) set up retroarch config file (all) to autosave every 5 seconds. I have also enabled key maps for save and load inputs? I have created separate directories for these to be saved in.

    When I finish a game, I save (as if in real life), I also the key to save (mapped in config) and then press start+select to close the emulator properly. I don’t get any errors in the console before emulationstation loads back up on the screen again.

    Could anyone give me an idea on where I’m going wrong? How I would be expected to save either state or save through the memory card type thing? And then how I would be expected to reload when I start the emulator and rom back up again? thank you very much



    Wouldn’t saving every 5 seconds override your previous save when you reload the rom? IE unless you load before 5 seconds are up you will overwrite your previous save?

    Just map a save/load state button? I use Select+LB for Save and Select+RB for load.



    When do you set the load? is this during a set time of the emulations bootup?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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