RetroPie with wired PS3 controller turning on PS3 when shutting down!

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    I’m new to Retropie and Raspberry Pi in general having just bought and set up my first project. So far with the help of this forum and its search feature everything has gone really well; I’m up and running 2.3, overclocked, PS3 controller working over wired USB, reassigned hotkeys to allow me to run without the keyboard and even got the TurboGrafx CD up and running, but I’ve come up against one problem I’ve not seen anyone mention here or anywhere else.

    As the title says; when my Retropie powers down and the connection between the pi and the PS3 controller is severed my PS3 turns itself on! This also happens if I unplug the wire from the PS3 controller while the pi is running. Obviously the controller is sending out some sort of signal when it’s disconnecting and that signal turns on the PS3.

    Surely someone else has had this problem. Is there any solution other than unplugging my PS3 when using my RetroPie?

    While I’m at it a big thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum, I’ve found the information here to be really helpful.



    When the wired connection to the pi is lost, the PS3 controller will try to pair with its bluetooth master, your PS3 unit. I found the easiest answer is to unplug your PS3 from the mains whenever you wish to use your pi.



    Thanks for your quick reply dudleydes.

    Sounds like it’s something that’s completely uncontrollable from the Raspberry Pi side then. If I wanted it to stop I’d probably have to hack the controller itself which is starting to get a bit messy.

    My current solution is as you say; unplugging the PS3 while I’m using the Pi, but I just thought I’d post to see if anyone has come up with an alternative.



    I’ve been having another search around for this problem and found the following thread:

    They’re using a program called MotioninJoy’s DS3 tool for PC and having the same problem as me. It turns out this software has a “disconnect” button that tells the controller to turn off.

    If it can be done on a PC I’m sure it can be done on a Raspberry Pi. I guess we’d need to find the disconnect command and trigger that during the shutdown sequence. Does anyone know how to go about finding out what the disconnect command would be?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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